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A Complete List of Veterinary Practice Management Software

Vet clinics, no matter the size, are unique and challenging work environments. Besides medical and technical side of the operation, there’s a lot of administrative, customer relationship and financial tasks that need to be done.

You probably know how time-consuming and difficult they can be. Veterinary practice management software takes a big part of that load of your back. Through PMS you can handle scheduling, inventory, accounting, and marketing more efficiently and avoid potential a bottleneck in the workflow.

At the moment, there is an increasing number of these platforms available on the market. We tried to create as comprehensive as possible list of PMS systems to help you get a clearer picture of what’s out there and pick the perfect one for your business.



An all-in-one management software, AVImark covers almost any daily task that may come up while running your veterinary practice. It works for businesses of all sizes and can help you grow and expand your practice. Through AVImark you can keep track of patient records, appointments, treatment schedules, and prescription plans. Every time a client books an appointment, it’s noted in the booking calendar and the customer receives the timely text and e-mail remainder. Additional features include credit card processing, dental charts, image capture, inventory management, mobile clinic, and lab integration. Also, AVImark offers web hosting, marketing assistance, and online data backup.


Hippo Manager

The largest independently developed veterinary PMS, Hippo Manager can support large hospital systems as well as small neighborhood-oriented practices. It’s easy to learn and simple to use, making it a great solution even if you’re not that tech-savvy. It’s cloud-based, with unlimited storage space, and you can access it from any device with an internet connection. Integrated POS system enables you to easily run your practice daily and create invoices and manage payments, discounts, and transactions of any kind. Furthermore, Hippo Manager provides you with a convenient platform for nurturing your customer relationship via two-way communication through texts and e-mail messages.



VetBadger is simple and intuitive cloud-based management software mostly geared toward smaller vet clinics. It provides tools for day-to-day managing of appointments, workflow, inventory, customer relations, and patient information. Quickbooks compatibility simplifies your bookkeeping by enabling you to directly import financial data into accounting software. Integrated telehealth options provide opportunities for long-distance contact between your vets and customers, granting clients access to care, advice, and education even off-site. It’s also of use in implementing your marketing strategy since it features referral tracking allowing you to keep track of your promotional costs.



Although suitable for businesses of all sizes, as an entirely cloud-run and affordable system, VETport is perfect for boutique vet clinics that lack space for dedicated computer rooms and paper-based records. Through this PMS, you can run online appointment scheduling and reminders, invoicing and billing, image storage and boarding, and inventory management. Additionally, it’s a great tool for internal communications through the chat app and public message boards. You can integrate third-party apps such as payment gateways and vendor software to make the everyday functioning of your clinic more efficient. Furthermore, VETport allows a great deal of customization, so you can organize it to best fit your business and already developed practices.



With over 125.000 vets using Cornerstone veterinary practice management software, it’s one of the most widely spread solutions in the industry. And it’s not by accident. Cornerstone provides everything you may need for running your clinic packed up in a customizable, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform. The main features include a payment portal, appointment, treatment and prescription management, vaccination records, and client communication. It provides access to health networks and the creation of automated surveys so you can have a clear picture of your customers’ satisfaction and possible room for improvement.



Provet is free in its basic version and very competitively priced at professional and business levels. Nevertheless, it still provides an excellent platform for managing your vet business. With Provet, you can automatize a lot of your daily tasks such as check-ups, appointments, and vaccination reminders. This makes setting and tracking appointments easy and simple for both your front-office staff and patients, In addition to providing a platform for client communication, it enables you to manage your inventory, store images, and pair up laboratory devices, create and share work schedules. Also, you can easily generate all kinds of custom reports on finances, client satisfaction, and medication stock and usage.



A host of features makes eVet practice one of the most comprehensive practice management software packages around. Communication tools, appointment management, document and image storage, and pet owner portal. are all part of the system. eVetPractice also includes microchip registration, pet exercise plans, and x-ray scheduling. Access and integration with other platforms like VetData, IDEXX reference labs, and ANTECG diagnostics will make your testing and lab work much easier and more efficient. The cloud-based platform and mobile app compatible with iOS and Android mean that you can access the software from basically anywhere.



ezyVet was developed in 2006 using open source technology. It’ is still updated every month to ensure that the platform keeps up-to-date with every new technology advancement and ever-changing needs of veterinarians. The result is an intuitive and simple-to-use cloud-based software that can be of tremendous help in running your clinic. You can easily tailor it to suit your needs and make use of many helpful features. Calendar management, advanced reporting, data storage, and billing are just some of them. You can integrate the system with INDEXX and Abaxis for easy and instant lab results access. It’s also compatible with Xero banking apps so all the financial changes are automatically shown in Xero.



Digitail is CRM software developed with the help of industry professionals specifically for vet clinics, The easy and adjustable calendar feature will help your staff pull any information on appointments, follow-ups. and other scheduled events in a matter of seconds. You can customize these calendars for each animal or sort them by breeds. All of the data is available in real-time, on any device. Billing and invoicing, as well as stock management, are also included in the platform, Invoicing is automatic and the customer receives the bill via e-mail after each service.


Vetter Software

Vetter software cloud-based solution for veterinarians that can make your life around the practice much easier. With the help of the Vetter platform, you can schedule appointments, manage clients and staff, run a management inventory, and create customer community. It’s easily integrated with Abaxis, VetSource, Hesca, Dragon Veterinary, and other vet platforms. Vetter includes calendar templates that you can effortlessly customize and create your schedules and reminders.



VetLinkSQL is veterinary practice management software whose primary function is to take as much of the load of the vets as possible. It does this through many helpful features. With the help of this platform, you can easily schedule and track appointments, create invoices and e-forms, manage your inventory, and back up all of your data in the cloud. VetLinkSQL also features a booking site that your clients can use to book checkups. The software comes with a very helpful mobile app that your employees can use when visiting a patient off-site. The platform supports third-party integration with several e-commerce programs and data providers.


VetNet Management

VetNet Management by Tang has been leading veterinary practice management software in Nordic countries for years and it’s gaining more and more international recognition. Its main strength is perfected customer relationship management. VetNet ensures that every dealing you have with your clients goes smoothly and efficiently. Each appointment is recorded in a schedule and every patient receives automatic timely reminders. The platform also allows you to keep precise treatment, dental and anesthesia records. Besides, it provides you with a framework for billing, creating estimates, and referrals.



Another Scandinavian-based VPMS, Vettigo is a simple online system with multiple useful features. It provides an easy-to-use comprehensive patient registry with automatic billing and remainders. Accounting feature allows enables your to handle and keep track of all accounts receivable and payable. It’s integrated with numerous third-party apps and automatically updates all of the medication prices.


Animal Intelligence Software Inc.

Animal Intelligence Software is a PMS that you can tailor in a way that serves your practice the best. There is available customization for mobile practices, specialty clinics, and emergency vets. Plenty of features, such as invoicing, appointment scheduling, financial and marketing reporting, and medical supply management will significantly reduce the need for manual work at your clinic.



DVMAX is an extensive PMS including several different modules. It’s easy to integrate with any existing software you may already own. DVMAX provides complete practice management, including appointment booking, stock management, accounting, client overview and analysis, document creation, and solutions for remote treatment.



Clientrax is a three-level veterinary PMS and even on the basic level provides plenty of helpful features. These include scheduling, handling inventory, payments, and prescription management. Standard and high modules additionally provide lab integration, creating reports, remote access, and full accounting service.



ImproMed platform helps you with all aspects of the vet business. It’s highly customizable and allows you to directly import images, lab results int records. It also has useful modules for interacting with your customers, as well as your vendors. Additionally, ImproMed is of help in building management and handling your space and available boarding in the most efficient way. The platform includes a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS.



Sheperd is a veterinary management software that prides itself on being intuitive and being extremely easy to learn. You can master it with practically no training. This doesn’t mean that it lacks any of the useful features. With Shepherd, you can handle billing, manage medical records, and keep track of appointments and prescriptions. It’s cloud-based and accessible from any device.



Suitable for a clinic of any size, Intravet brings a host of features to make your practice paper-free and efficient. Every patient’s visit is easily recorded along with medical history, prescriptions, images, diagnosis, and follow-ups. Stored records are easy to retrieve and analyze. If your clinic features boarding, Intravet will help you organize feeding, exercising, and medication schedules. The system integrates with IDEXX, Antech, Heska, and SCIL, and data is stored in patients’ medical history records.


VIA Veterinary Information Systems

VIA PMS is a comprehensive platform that enables you to successfully manage your employees, patients, inventory, scheduling, and accounting. This is done through features that include lab integration, SOAP charts, automatic billing, image storing, appointment management, and many more. the system is designed in a way that follows the workflow at your practice from check-in to the billing. If you choose VIA systems, you will be provided with on-site configuration and installation, training, and around-the-clock technical support.


VET Office Suite

Avery user-friendly veterinary management platform, VET Office Suit allows you to create multiple user profiles for your staff with different levels of access. You can easily track the performance of your employees and create and handle all of the standard EMRs and documents. Its unique and vast animal software provides templates for managing all animal species from the smallest to the largest. Every user has its personal account manager who is available for the help of any kind.



Even though it is perfectly suitable for larger-scale businesses, due to its simplicity, you can use NaVetor even if you run a one-person practice. Billing, scheduling, stock management, and ordering is easy and intuitive. With just one or two clicks you can access the complete information on a specific patient. NaVetor is cloud-based and includes the iOs app.



RxWorks bring all of the necessary modules for successfully running your veterinary practice. It helps you monitor your practice performance in real-time and receive reports with in-depth data. Also, it simplifies inventory management, scheduling, and medication prescriptions. Additionally, RxWorks features Insurance Manager which helps you speed-up insurance claims.



Vettev is an open-source veterinary PMS that provides a simple way of handling all tasks in the operation of the vet clinic. It’s easy to use and all of the features are placed on only one toolbar. With Vettev you can keep track of animals and owners and manage their appointments, treatments, and prescriptions. It’ also very useful when it comes to accounting and billing.



One more open-source software, Ababu features a dashboard from which you can run all aspects of your vet business. It contains records on all of the animals under your care, including their birth dates, owner info, appointments, treatments, and prescriptions. Ababu may lack some of the more advanced features but, it’s very simple, easy to learn, and can be run from the cloud.


Onward Vet

Onward Vet is a cloud-based platform that helps veterinarians develop a more agile and efficient environment to run their business in. It features tools for superb client communication through a web portal and automatic reminders. On the administrative side, it can aid you in tracking your inventory, create invoices and estimates, and link patients’ hospital records. It’s integrated with in-house lab equipment and payment processors, perfectly secure, and features extensive 24/7 support.



VitusVet veterinary practice management software provides you with a complete solution for the productive functioning of your clinic. It provides state-of-the-art client communications. With a two-way texting system and intelligent alerts, your customers will always be up-to-date with their pet’s treatment. An integral part of the system is the VitusPay platform through which you can manage all of your payments and credit card processing. VitusVet can be integrated with most of the third-party vet systems.



VTP platform enables you to, from one central dashboard, manage and track all aspects of your daily operation in the vet clinic. It’s also very helpful for customers, enabling them to perform self check-ins, receive reminders, and have around-the-clock access to all necessary information. Besides, VTP features an inventory management system that allows you to manage orders, keep track of medications on stock, set prices, and auto-order necessary items. It also helps with organizing boarding reservations.



PetDesk is a communication management platform, developed for vet clinics, that is easily integrated with other PMSs. It’s designed to improve relationships and facilitate easier communication with your customers. It contains tools for managing prescriptions and vaccinations, scheduling, and automatic reminders through e-mails, texts, or push notifications. It also features Pet health mobile app that further strengthens the connection to the clients.



Panacea is an easy-to-use cloud-based management software designed to assist vets with all of their daily tasks. Its implementation is simple and developers offer assistance in migrating all of your old data from legacy systems. Among the host of features, Panacea includes a communication module with automated notifications and schedule management. Customers can easily book an appointment via the website or Facebook. It also features marketing tools, billing and sales management, and prescription tracking.



VetBuddy is web-based veterinary PMS suitable for the practices of any size. The online system can be used on desktop or mobile devices and enables you to track and manage the complete workflow from one central platform. VetBuddy enables you to track and analyze EMRs, schedules, billing, inventory, and the state of your equipment. It provides numerous metrics on which you can base your marketing strategy or make adjustments to your organization.


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